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Election 2019: Lanata spoke about the formula Fernández-Fernández and pointed to Macri

The ultra-official journalist complained about Macri's attitude of clarity to the 2019 elections

May 26, 2019

Ultramacrista driver Jorge Lanata commended Cristina Kirchner's attitude to take off the presidential candidate and criticized Mauricio Macri for not having left his seat on the governor of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal.

The journalist offered an interview with Clarín in the preview of his PPT television program and commented on the launch of the formula leading Alberto Fernández as a candidate for president and CFK as vice president.

In that regard, he considered that "no one expected it" and pointed out that Cristina "did something she's already done many times: double the bet".

"He saw that in the second round he could lose and then he tries to win first." At the same time, Massa claims that Cristina could go off … I don't see her, but this is Argentina, and everything can happen, "he added.

At that time he questioned Macri for having encountered his candidacy and not giving up his place months earlier. "A year and a half ago I wrote bugle We had to present Vidal as a candidate, but now it's too late. If Macri recognizes that he is losing, and adds Vidal as a candidate, he goes out of power and they don't even take coffee with them … ", he pointed out.

While worried that the government "does nothing", he stressed: "There is no rabbit that the government removes from the galley, there is no rabbit or galley, it would have to do something with the economy, something that exceeds relief plan. who lasted four days "

"This is because the iron is thinking that they will only win because of the past is a very risky venture." There are two things that can destabilize Macri: that peronism unites and that there is some sudden movement in the market before the election, "he concluded.

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