Tuesday , June 28 2022

Eduardo Domínguez resigned and Colón was left without DT


Something went through Eduardo Domínguez's head two weeks ago. He had been exposed to the cameras who insulted the players in the middle of the match against the hurricane that sabalero I won

conveniently two to zero and the balloon turned it over. It was obvious that this moment of fever would not go unnoticed inside. It was a meeting with President José Vignatti and after her, the leader was invited to tell the journalists: "In one year we left the master with Domínguez".

Columbus matched Junior, he was eliminated and almost no goals

After the hurricane, the story was repeated when he won Central and bound it. And last week he said a surprising phrase: "I will not be in a colon." Something disillusioned with the karma that no technician from 1997 until here could change in Santa Fe: can not convince players to fight for a championship, perhaps caught by a feeling of extreme comfort.

On Saturday he returned to the same thing. I won and Estudiantes bound it. Dominguez left without talking to the press and this Sunday he communicated with Vignatti and expressed his decision not to continue. What never heard of beard It was self-criticism, despite the fact that many of the parties who fled Columbus in part were due to bad decisions by him with some changes he made. If you confirm the error, you will learn a good learning from Santa Fe and you are likely to become a successful coach with another club.

Columbus and students were at hand and extended their streaks

Esteban Bichi Fuertes will lead the five next games in intervals.

Thus, a 70-liter bike has been completely completed (counting local tournament, Copa Sudamericana, Copa Argentina and Copa Santa Fe). With Dominguez, Colon 29 won matches, drew 22 and lost 19. In percentage, 52.17% of the score was obtained.


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