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Doubt: Can people with diabetes suffer from milk?


Buenos Aires (The Transversent) – Consumption of milk In diabetics, it may be one of the main doubts for those who coexist with this disease. And in addition, myths are superfluous among those who say it's counterproductive because they cause diseases like bronchitis, flu, conjunctivitis and those who claim they have no risk.

Milk is a drink that helps to consume the necessary amount of essential nutrients but in diabetics, yes or no ?.

In addition to the myths of milk consumption, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) indicates that milk provides essential nutrients, high biologic proteins, healthy cats and is an important source of milk. food energy, cites the specialized portal SuMedico.com.

In this regard, the consumption of milk in diabetics is allowed, unless special cases prevent consumption, for example, allergy, intolerance or other conditions referred to by the treating physician. In general, an equivalent or part of whole milk yields:

– 95 calories

– 12 grams of carbohydrates

– 2 grams of fat

– 9 grams of protein.

What is the most recommended milk for people with diabetes?

The choice of the type of milk and the appropriate amount (part) are therefore fundamental points for achieving a balance in the patient's diet with diabetes. Recommendations from milk consumption should be the main goal of avoiding excess dietary nutrition, giving the necessary nutrients a balance in the contribution of energy. An excess of calories (energy), saturated fats or carbohydrates can result in high blood sugar levels, obesity or obesity.

In this regard, the recommendation of milk is a cup of 240 ml per day. In any case, the recommendation may vary depending on the individual's individual characteristics, so you must visit the nutritionist for a personal recommendation.

The proposal for people with diabetes is to choose the skim or low-milk milk. If lactose intolerance is present, the delayed versions should be selected. You can also switch with beverages of vegetable origin. For example, the options with almonds, soya or bird flour.

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