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Dollar today: after the central bank changed, it falls below $ 43 – 04/17/2019

Following the upturn on Tuesday, the dollar today falls 80 cents, to $ 42.60 at the Banco Nación. It had closed at $ 43.38, according to the central bank average.

The decrease occurs after the central bank's decision to keep foreign intervention bands frozen between $ 39.77 and $ 51.47 until the end of the year and in the midst of a generalized revaluation of foreign exchange markets.

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In the wholesale market, where banks and companies operate, the currency tournament goes 46 to 41.87 dollars. The dollar also falls in Chile and Colombia. In Brazil, however, it rises.

In order to limit the pressure on the dollar, after Tuesday's 4.7% inflation was known in March, the central authority – with the permission of the IMF – decided to apply a retouching to the currency system and determine until the end of the year. current level of the roof and floor of the replacement belt (or non-intervention zone).

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Without this change, the band's ceiling at the end of the year had been $ 59.6 and SEK 46. This means that now the possibility of central intermediate sales dollars is closer.

The message was, in a way, a response to the assertion of several economists who warned the exchange rate band's excessive amplitude, leaving room for strong changes in the exchange rate without the BCRA doing anything.

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On the other hand, the risk for the country increases again: it goes 2% to 817 percentage points. This means that the Argentinean bonds go down and that it costs more for the country to become indebted in relation to US taxes, the safest.


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