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Desopilant radial cross between Fantino, Traverso and Giunta: from the arrow to Alfaro to the incredible anecdotes in the concentrations of Boca

Cristian Traverso and Blas Armando Giunta were interviewed by Alejandro Fantino in their radio program. Former Boca player They remembered their times at the club and were very critical of footballer Current and the leadership. In addition, they revealed Incredible anecdotes with Diego Latorre, Naohiro Takahara and Walter Samuel, including. Below are the most important fragments of the hilarious interview of The radio network.

The most prominent phrases by Cristian Traverso:

"Some people got angry because of what we say and they told us to close our mouth, it's not bad because you're free to say whatever you want, always with respect. These guys live in another world. "

"I wouldn't spend the barbarity of silver they spend for Izquierdoz or Marcone … but it's maxikiosco and that's good … I'm tired of players, businessmen and leaders using Boca as a springboard to get to Europe. The guy who comes with the mentality to leave does not have to go into Boca ".

"These players (like Banega) don't come, they sell smoke to the people. You think that De Rossi or a European or an Argentine football player playing in Europe will come to Argentina with the family. With what it means to live in the country. "

"I would like the guys from Boca, instead of taking him to a sports psychologist or giving Motivational talk to the river in Madrid, have taken him to Boca's honor."

"Libertadore's last lost is reality, and you don't have to avoid it, because you put the trash down when you realized it's already late. Boca Alfaro is statically perfect, but it doesn't play at all. "

"Our humble task was to run and give it to Román"

"Roman was the best I saw. Maradona and Caniggia were rude types, but we had Riquelme. He told me to give it to me, and even though I had two or three behind you, he gave it, he needed to move that ball. We always gave it to Roman, that was where we used to rest. It was our humble task: to run and give it to Roman. "

The "Carlos" (Bianchi) negotiations were barbaric, simple, ten minutes long and everyone knew what he had to do. The other Copa Libertadores were played to the left, how I would not play there if the guy (Bianchi) was okay. There are differences. "

"So when they tell me Alfaro and the numbers are the same as Bianchi… I don't know what Boca coexistence is now, but I assure you that if they were to have 50 percent of our delivery by the partner on the court, these finals will not fail not crazy. "

"And the final with the river must be played in the river, the second day or the same day, not in Madrid, because Boca in the river court does not lose it. You have to play with buzz on the back eh, and that's what today's players have to get used to. "

The radial intersection between Fantino, Traverso and Giunta:


"Today, you need a Barijho, a green dog was, Chipi was angry to train, he was angry all day, but I felt that the kids were waiting to play, they bent well."

"In practice in Ezeiza was a butcher, if Blas Armando played, why does Giunta not work in the club, I do not explain those things, they do not want it, what happens is that you have to explain well, do not eat S, there is that go to the colon and sell smoke. "

"Where Riquelme sits, he wins that list, although I have doubts about this farewell party, even though this directive is done, the fan who insulted him so much for taking him to Roman, do you think he will turn around and will you pay tribute to this leadership? "


Traverso: "Blas kicked Latorre in Ezeiza, he threw him away, so was the training."

Giunta: "A little bit was the training, we didn't go down in history because journalism only talks about hawks and pigeons, those who came after won everything and put Boca up so that our generation who came from eight years without leaving masters and we won Supercopa ".

Traverso: "They sent Walter Samuel to buy in the supermarket at Mamantiales hotel, it was respectful, no, you know how they did!"

Giunta: "It was a great respect, we had a very great respect for them."


Traverso: "We concentrated on the Dos Chinos hotel, you know what it was! The kakrakas took you to the counter, we had double shifts on Wednesdays, we ate quinchos and it was going to rest, but we didn't rest because it gave the strength. "

Traverso: "One day we invited him to Takahara, he wanted to eat grilled and it wasn't for everyone, we put him Gancia with pure lemon, we couldn't wake him for the second shift to Takahara, he went to sleep in the dressing room at the stadium and they turned on the fan. These experiences are not here today, you go to the club and they look at you as a weird. "

Giunta: "Baby, you want to die right now I told him (Monkey Burgos) Then it was there".

The beautiful GESTO BLAS GIUNTA, the mysterious one that must be recycled and Gallardo

Giunta: "Thank you for the values ​​you have (for Traverso), you gave me a truck to take food to Chaco because things didn't come to the people." And the truck came out, everything that came together came to him. their hands. "

Traverso: "Blas put together food, I just brought them in. It came from the heart, you know how many times we went to the hospital and it didn't go anywhere, but we did it from the heart, we have to go back to the roots".

Traverso: "Today I heard from the other side (River) talk about mystery, not lean! Mysticism is ours, we have to recover it, don't lend it to anyone".

Giunta: "Yes, I played against Gallardo, no, not for sticks (he painted my face), I broke Muñeco's head, nothing to see, what I appreciate (from Gallardo) is that he has the anchor well placed and playing as he wants, nothing more, and that's what he put in his players and that's why he feels good. "

"A Messipoor children, you are beaten from all directions. They give him the little bomb and they tell him to do what you can, it always happened. What happens is that play in a league where there is no friction. In Copa América you know where to throw it. South America is so, pure friction. Therefore, when they tell me about a player from Europe coming to Argentina, he will play two matches well and in the third they already know where they will beat him and he will get one who will tell him all the atrocities for to get him out of the game. In Europe there is not. Let us not doubt the quality of the Messiah, the child must earn something otherwise he will have the backpack in Maradona yes water. He is an extra child, he is the only one for whom he would pay an entrance fee ".

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