Wednesday , December 8 2021

Cris Morena revealed the strong words that Romina Yan told her a month before she died


In an interview with Damián De Santo, who was a friend and friend of the actress, the producer said that she had had feelings of death and pain that year.

"Did you see that a mom has something inside?" The mothers will know how to understand that the soul knows before, because the soul fixed it elsewhere, and modern, the mother knows … All that year was terror ", commented when the driver of Morfi, everyone at the table he asked if he knew the tragedy.

"All year … I wrote things about death. And that was one of my best years of work … But the feeling was not with Romina and with Tomás (Yankelevich). It was a feeling that I died and did not understand why. "he insured.

Then he mentioned a friend's death before Rominas: "My children had a meeting with Ros psychologist one month before Ro did happen, I was in the theater and it was before Macana thought she was our musician, with whom I worked for 25 years. We were in the theater and he died suddenly. I almost died. I said "this is". But then I said "this is not the worst thing that would happen". Macana died a month before Romina, so suddenly".

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<img src = "" alt = "The emotional video of Cris Morena for Yankelevich
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The emotional video of Cris Morena for Yankelevich

In addition, he said that his daughter picked him up for the dark feelings. "Romina was very far back, very angry. "Do you want to kill yourself, mom? Because you work like an animal. Do not you understand?" He would tell me. And I looked at her and I said no. But she would tell me "if you want to kill yourself, make the decision if you're going to kill yourself"he related. "Look at the subject, what was a month before …" ended Cris.

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