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Club World Palacios, the jewel of the river: from amazement to the Arab world to the appearance of Real Madrid


Palacios, the young figure of the river, looks at Europe's greats. Source: AP

AL AIN, UNITED KINGDOM .- He is one of today's men. At 20,

Exequiel Palacios

not only shown in the media in Argentina and Spain for his possible move to Real Madrid, but also notes newspapers in this city that appear to be one of the great appearance in Argentine football.

The granddaughter came at once: Argentinean selection, American fight against Boca, this Club World Cup and Real Madrid's genuine interest to soon have their services.

In this corner of the world, in addition to the visible faces that usually cross Buenos Aires, you must add faces, tones and different languages. After a new practice of the Al Ain FC fitness center, Palacios also answers questions from a Mexican and another Japanese, making him excited by showing him a picture of his elementary school and it shows him a remarkable admiration despite the idiomatic distance that forcing the reading of each question to be read with effort to try to realize it in the best Spanish.

Surrounded by just 20 people, an unrivaled framework to cover the training of the American Master, Palacios speaks with a handful of media and leaves adult concepts, which contrasts with the age revealing his document.

-How to close this 2018: debut in the national team, America's champion with Boca, the Club World Cup, passport to Real Madrid.

-It was really amazing. I've been to the club since I was 8 years old and everything is very strong. I know it's not normal and everything came to me at once, very well, and I have to take it the best way. To be calm and very strong in the head. This is really a dream.

– Are you surprised that you do not recognize them at the hotel or on the street?

-It's a very rare situation. Everywhere we go there are people from the river. Here too, but they have not come close yet.

-What is the one that amazes you most about another country?

-The language, which is very difficult to understand, and especially when you want to read it. It may be many years and I think I would never adjust. And also how they dress. This is the first time I have come and it is very strange, very different.

-How do you spend your spare time?

-Come with you, listen to music, talk to the family. And so often we take a walk around the shopping we have next to the hotel.

– With the days they take their dimension in Madrid, were they in history?

When the match ended, I wanted to celebrate and nothing else, but with today's transition, we fall from the big one we achieve.

– Win the club World Cup have won Libertadores for Boca?

For the river fan, to beat the Libertadores to Boca is something insurmountable. Unique. We really enjoy where we are, even though we have already changed the chip because in this club you always have to go for more. And thus we are.

-How do you live all that is said about your passport?

My head is 100 percent here, in the river and in the world cup. This is something that not everyone can live and not happen every day, so my idea is to stay a bit further in the river. In the same way, it is my representative who is responsible for all these issues.

-What player will you admire about Real Madrid?

-Toni Kroos. I'm always looking at it. I like how he plays, the moves he makes, the passes he gives, his deployment. I like it a lot

– Are you talking to the most experienced?

Yes, of course. Almost all the boys use and talk with those who have been in the club for many years. They tell us to enjoy this moment.

Did you feel that Gallardo took you a bit at a time, sometimes even going down to the reserve?

-But, I'm guilty of everything for him. When I had to go down, he told me to train, prepare myself to touch my momentum. I did it and here I am.

– And how is your family doing everything that's happening to you?

-These are all river fans, as they celebrate and suffer twice as much as I do. They followed me in Madrid and I did very well.

-What did you do with the last shirt with Boca?

-There were two, one for each time. I gave them to my old ones.

– How do you define this river?

-As a winning team never gives up and goes for everything. Always.

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