Tuesday , August 16 2022

Closed "Bombonerazo" and fans asked to go around the river court


The fox of Copa Libertadore Superfinal does not understand limits. In two days, the river and Boca will meet in the Monumental to define the world's best team in an unprecedented duel. As it happened in the first team, only local fans can participate in the match. That way, the Xeneize players go to the field to meet 65,000 millionaires souls.

To counter this, from Boca They organized a "Bombonerazo" so that the fans enjoyed an open training of the team, where they did not stop encouraging and asked to pray around the river.

Unlike what happens in the matches in the tournament and cup, access was not restricted to members and there were queues from 5 in the morning. Two hours before the players left the field collapsed the stadium's capacity and there were fans who could not enter and who stayed on the street encouraging.

There were also some fights, shooting and abundance in door 6, one of the entrances to the stadium, guarded only by those responsible for the "organization" identified with multicolored bibs. There was no police operation.

On the other hand, the fans organize a banner for the game day: on Saturday they will go to the hotel where the school will stay to say goodbye before the bus goes to the Monumental.

The rematch between River and Boca will be Saturday at 17. The series is 2-2. The winner will lift the cup. In case of a tie (the "visitor's goal" law does not apply) they will go for extra time and if equality persists, they will define penalties.

Tevez, city player

While the team performed the traditional "crazy" in the middle of the field, A fan went out and came into the field. With the pink shirt in Xeneize and a blue cap, this fan managed to cross the repository to reach the players.

The first thing he did was against his idols. Carlos Tevez sought him and embraced him and protected him. Apache took him to the midfield while this fan was crazy about what he lived and the stadium was clapping and envying him.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto approached him and said something to him, Ramón Ábila laughed with him. But the peak came when Tevez He gave him his diver of training and he switched it to his hat.

After killing several players and hugging Carlitos again, these fans were invited to retire while he was cheered again by Bombonera. One afternoon you will never forget.

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