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Cigarrillo electronics: they register the first case of a patient intern in Argentina

Although it is a vape and a local affair, we must be accurate and averse to Avellaneda. Cuando and Estados Unidos ya son 33 los muertos confirmados por el cigarrillo electronics, y al menos 21 pays the restriction su pending como in Australia, Austria, Bélgica, Canada, Costa Rica, Dinamarca, Finlandia, Francia, Nueva Zelanda, Portugal, Suiza and Suecia, In Argentina, they are alerted to the primer of the registration of a patient with a pulmonary lesion as well as of the us of the electronic cigarette (EVALI, by means of glasses and glasses).

And the dialogue con Infobae, located at the Clinic Hospital confirms that they are in the state of the city, The patient is not admitted to hospital or hospital, including a referral to the internship and a private clinic of Avellaneda.

El joven, who is already 30 years old, see encuentra "estabilizado y fuera de peligro", según fuentes médicas consultadas. Presenting a diagnosis of "inflammation of the pulmonary artery that confronts confounding with a proteinuric alveolar or neonatal lipid", it decides, liquidity of the pulmonary artery, derivada del consumo frecuente de los cigarrillos electrónicos.

And with Estados Unidos, coming and July of 2019, the lesions pulmonary associations are connected with us to the cigar electronics, EVALI denominadas, as well as siglas and inglés. Relate dates and times as long as llamados e-cigs are indian to 75 of ciento and consumers and so on or before entering the secondary school.

Ana Putruele, Jefa de Neumonología del Hospital de Clinicas, advocated a mid-term break with the electorate: “Hay in this case, though it is possible to do so, ya que it is frecuente el uso de estos dispositivos sobre todo en gente joven". La doctora agregó que “for los 13 and los 15 años, they observe many cases of chicos incursion and the high inhalation; quieren evitar el cigarrillo, see also tent sado los los sabores que ofrecen los cigarrillos electrónicos y terminan con enfermedades pulmonares complicadas".

The declaration of the Commissioner of the Administration of Alimentos and Medicines of the Unidos (FDA, for his siglas and inglés), Scott Gottileb, or us of the cigarillos electronics for the part of the juvenile is a document and a form of generalization and constant. In addition, it is possible to administer the nicotine administration of “enganchando” in the new generation of adolescents, and therefore to “to do so with regard” to this tendency.

The hecho, and finally they are connected to the date the vent of los cigarillos elecrónicos crecieron en las ultimas semanas a la tasa más lenta and más de un año y medio, and in the middle of series of advertisements of public interest in the form of consumer derivatives and pulmonary derivatives.

Según Putruele, el fenomeno del vapeo they are already 7% of los jovens in Argentina and it is a motivational consultancy and medical clinic of país.

The principal consecuencies that they observe and the salud de los afectados are included “Insuficiencia respiratoria; falta de aire; tos; cuadros gastrointestinal como nasuseas, vomitos, fatiga, y hay un desarrollo más lento de la actividad cerebral".

In addition, the Division of Neumonology of the Clinic Hospital explains: “The lesions of the pulmonary artery are present in the inflammatory system, which the path to eventual events and generates a respiratory and respiratory insufficiency that requires patient intensive treatment.".

The electric electronic cigarette is presented with a general size of cylinders of 3 cm by 10 cm, depending on the model, a battery that is calienta el liquido which they introduce to the inhaler. It produces a vapor, which can be used as a container for cancerous and toxic to the pulmonary, coma la nicotina, algunos aparentemente inofensivos saborizantes, glicol propileno, vegetal y hasta and algunos casos algunos contenta delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the ingredient of the psychoactive drug of marijuana.

The Doctrine of Putrule is the case of a company that loses its fabric, Juul, which is the treaty of the mercado of the cigar electronics, which is "a pose of sustained toxic and cancerous genes and of all cases. pillowcase severos casos de neumonitis, for hypersensibilidad". This is a pathology that is now, as of December 2015, a high level of evidence for concluding that it is perjudicial to the court, ”as well.

The neologist insists on the Association of Medicines Respiratoria and the Clinicas Association of Argentina recomiendan no utilizar estos dispositivos, "For the sake of the consecuencies and the reasons for the salutation of the personas".

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