Friday , December 3 2021

Chevrolet will launch 7 models in a 2019 projecting a market of less than 700 thousand cars


At the end of the year, toasted bread by Chevrolet Argentina, the company announced their plans to meet 2019 with everything: it will start 7 models, after 4 years in 2018, among other things New version of Cruze, which will be manufactured in General Motors car complex in Santa Fe.

"The company's plans are ambitious to say humbly after 2018, marked by the fall in sales in what many hoped was one of the best years at historic level," said Carlos Zarlenga, president of General Motors Mercosur, in front of those called in the building to the river.

"2019 will be a challenging year", said executive in an apart from the event that convened the top executives, dealers and drivers of the team, as well as the specialized press and field of finance, including attended Infobae.

Large industry, affected by exogenous inefficiency

In a strict frame, typical of a period of strong recession for the automotive industry, Carlos Zarlenga joined journalists to analyze market perspective: "Everyone agrees that 2019 is divided into two halves, a first part that coincides with the contracting behavior that it had in the second quarter of 2018, and then it will depend on how the selectable uncertainty develops and the recovery of real wages, probably stronger. I see a market of about 640,000 and 700,000 units ".

For this December month, the boss said not to believe that the market exceeds 40 thousand cars. And, "What you see when it comes to offers is responding to fine tuning after average market prices rose between 80% and 90% during the year, which is the effective value of the sale."

He added: "Current market access is a product of the stocks that arose between devaluation, price increases and the fall in real wages, because prices tend to be more stable. I think there are many chances that it will happen to the central bank's monetary policy, so the market begins with a low number, at a rate of 600,000 units a year and higher than the end of 2019. "

In terms of exports, Zarlenga saw that "shipments to Brazil could grow just over 12%, as this year was an adjustment of stocks in concessionaires in neighboring countries that decided low levels".

Export Policy Review

Zarlenga trusted the industry ministers in the automotive industry to maintain a dialogue with government officials to "be able to find mechanisms so that exports can grow more, such as eliminating $ 3 per dollar crisis management and abolishing tax refunds".

"We have a car industry with installed capacity to produce 4 million units, and yet we do not get investment with purely export targets, but we sell products abroad that have a base in the domestic market and then send the rest to Brazil. The question is why because it there is no place in the world where the industry does not export extra zone from where it is located, "the contractor trusted.

A key theme common to most industries is the low competitiveness: "which will be reversed, which causes difficult fights, such as reducing taxes, increasing labor efficiency, reducing transportation costs and logistics, in order to move from the plant's door to the inside of manufacturing , machines and processes are the same as those in any part of the world. It is obvious that with the competitiveness the investments appear with the export destination, "he synthesized Carlos Zarlenga responded to all press issues, except for GM's investment for the plan to start 7 renewed models, of which he said, "many will need to talk".

Dollar and interest rates

GM's supreme regional executive added how the sharp devaluation of peso and high interest rates affected terminal operations; "On the basis of profitability, the initial devaluation generated an important red, especially in September, but now with an exchange rate of around $ 39, it was significantly reduced."

In terms of interest rates, Zarlenga said: "A high level gives rise to sales levels, because the client who wants to buy the car is no longer able to finance it."

And if the launches planned in 2019, which provided only a minimal detail of the new Chevrolet Cruze, as incorporating factory 4G and WiFi, the contractor expected: "We will launch a new generation of more technical, safe and connected vehicles, which enables us to continue to lead technology and innovation. "

Chevrolet also debuted with Midnight Tracker, another of the models that the brand will launch in 2019. The Midnight Series was launched in 2018 when the Argentine market was presented S10 Midnight.

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