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Changing the balances of Clash Royale in July affects melee units

Supercell has announced change balances of Clash Royale in one of the most intense weekends of the mobile game where many news has come for a good start in the summer.

  • Wheeled Cannon: It reduces damage by 17%, increases its range by 10%, increases its firing rate by 17% and increases screen life by 1.5%. These changes are intended to change how the card is played and focused more on a change in the card than to improve or exacerbate it.
  • Cannon: Reduction of shooting speed by 32% and increase of 32% in damage.
  • Snowball: Reduction of radius from 3 to 2.5 frames.
  • Inferno Tower: Reducing life by 25%.
  • Strongman's cage: Increase of 25% building life and 25% Strongmans injury.

But this is not the only change in balance sheets that will take place from Monday onwards. Clash Royale. From Supercell's development teams, they have also decided reclassify card ranges which will cause confusion during the first few days.

So far, the melee units were listed in an area of ​​less than two frames. But the reality was that there was a big difference in this classification between units that were at both ends. It is therefore from Monday, within Clash Royale we will be able to see how these units will be classified as short, medium or long distance melee. Thus, we will have differences between barbarians or principles, for example.

The change does not remain in any just aesthetic, the long distance will now meet 1.6 images, something that will reduce the rankings of troops such as Megaesbirro, Minions, Night Witch or Prince. The average range will be 1.2 squares that will affect Dark Prince or Giant Duende reduces their rank, but Elite Barbarians will increase it. Finally, the short interval will only affect Niño Pillo which will reduce its range to 0.8.

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