Sunday , November 29 2020

Cande Tinelli and Coti, in love and hand in hand: their first pictures together for the musician’s reasons

One week since his love became official Cande Tinelli (30) and Coti (47) are already shown in public together. Daughter of Marcelo tinelli He was present at the reason given by the singer and songwriter at the Konex Cultural Center. Half an hour after the show started, she came with friends and City caught their first official outing as a couple.

Cande liked the show from the heights since she got it up, singing her songs and dancing. In the end, the influencer approached the musician’s dressing room, from where they left together in a truck driven by a friend of Cande’s, holding hands and drinking a wine that she brought to the show.

Smiling and in love, the couple left for the singer’s house to enjoy their privacy away from the press.

Long live love! Look at the first pictures of Cande Tinelli and Coti together.

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