Monday , December 6 2021

Buenosairean stock exchange only advanced 0.6 percent after the Fed decision


The leading panel went up to 29,968.28 units after accumulating a decrease of 4.3% in two previous sessions.

The main increases were recorded by the shares in Banco Galicia (2.5%), Central Puerto (1.8%) and Metrogas (1.7%). The highest losses were recorded by Edenor (1.6%), Cablevisión (1.4%) and Transportadora de Gas del Norte (1%).

the index rose 2.3% but lowered its lane after the US federal fund raised interest rates by 0.25 percentage points and it gave a very clear signal that it will slow down the rate of future increases while monitoring the progress of the economy.

the The trip was in line with Wall Street, which fell after investors were disappointed by the tone of the Fed.

The results showed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 1.5% to 23 322.88 points, the NASDAQ of Technical Stocks fell 2.2% to 6,636.83 and the S & P 500 dropped 1.5% to 2.506.87. Prior to the announcement of the Fed, the three serve close to 1%.

The decisions of the US central bank They have a direct impact on all emerging economies, like Argentina.

"In addition to following the north bounce, according to Powell's decision, Domestic assets still lack strategic demand as fears grow for the "valence" and "risk of refinancing" from the depletion of IMF resources, "says economist Gustavo Ber.

For the specialist ", as long as land risk does not decrease significantly, to restore access to external voluntary credit, any recovery may even be used as a sales opportunity by foreign investors, which undoubtedly becomes in a strong recovery condition beyond the most attractive valuations ".

Fear grows over the "risk" and "risk of refinancing" from the depletion of IMF resources "(Gustavo Ber, economist)


The most important bonds in dollars (which appear in pesos) were closed in positive territory. Bonar 2024 advanced 1.6%, Bonar 2020 increased by 0.3% and the Argentinian rebate increased by 1%.

At the same time Land risk increases with only one device to reach 782 points.

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