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at the height of an iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy A9 cameras

At the end of last March the new Huawei P30 Pro managed to capture the throne in the DxOMark shooting rank, although it has recently been known that Samsung Galaxy S10 5G shares podium with the last member of the Huawei P family to get 112 points. Now it has been Samsung Galaxy A9 and its four cameras that have gone through DxOMark, reached a point at the height of an iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy A9 was the first smartphone in the Korean company to incorporate four rear cameras, and it At Andro4all we were able to analyze. The terminal has gone through DxOMark, and although it has not received a score similar to the Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10 5G, the smartphone has achieved a score that puts it at the height of an iPhone 7, that, although it is a unit of three years ago, is commendable.

It must be remembered for the moment Galaxy A9 is a mid-range terminal and it can be purchased at Amazon for 300 euros. At this moment, DxOMark has awarded the Galaxy A9 a total score of 86, which is divided into 90 points for photography and 77 for video. In addition, Samsung's smartphone is famous for its good white balance Exactly both outdoors and indoors and because it is excellent for Capture details when zooming outdoors.

The Samsung Galaxy A9 gets a score of 86

Samsung Galaxy A9 dxomark

But Samsung Galaxy A9 deteriorates in its dynamic range, which is limited, according to the reference value. In addition, the report also reflects that does not handle the bokeh well, which also successfully erases the subject in certain situations. When it comes to the videoDxOMark points out that it has An effective stabilization that controls sound well when recording outdoors. However, the colors are unsaturated and autofocus is slow.

With this score, the Samsung Galaxy A9 does not reach POCOPHONE F1, but it is at the height of Apple's iPhone 7, as you can see in the ranking. It should be noted that the Galaxy A9 has a configuration of four rear cameras, consisting of a 24 megapixel head lens, an additional 10 megapixels, an 8 megapixel wide angle and a 5 megapixel depth sensor.

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