Monday , December 6 2021

Amado Boudou: "We are not forgiven for loyalty to ideas and for the people"


After being released for his conviction in the Ciccone case, the former vice president of the nation Amado Boudou questioned the judge for "double bar"In the sentences against former officials and confirmed that there is a tendency to condemn Kirchner because"They do not forgive us loyalty to ideas and people".

In his explanation of the reasons for which he was arrested, Boudou insisted on a political intention to imprison former government leaders. with "abuse" of the figure of preventive detention.

"It was an abuse of pretrial detention (with the argument) that a former official could disturb a thing" or the development of an investigation, he said. Instead, he compared his situation with the criminal complaints faced by the current Cambiemos members: "Imagine what a minister or president and his friends could do today".

From his point of view "It is obvious that there is a double letter"It explains why" there is no more legal system ".

"All that Kirchner does is wrong and you have to punish him, and who else does, you have to see it. For example, there are reasons for Carlos Menem's government that is still unresolved and no detained. The same judgments that sentenced me condemned Menem and his officials and never ordered the arrest, he said.

"Four years ago, everything that could not happen to lawyers" ended, "he said on Saturday, in a dialogue with Radio 10. "This never happened in Argentinean democracy, and it was obvious from the day that The president tried to put a judge by decree in the Supreme Court"he concluded.

"It would be a scandal everywhere in the world the things that this government is doing with the Jewish power. They lay and they take judges, and they say the sentences that are to be removed ", fustigó.

The former vice president He left the Ezeiza prison this week after being released by the federal court 4 within the framework of Ciccone Calcográfica, for which he was sentenced to five years and 10 months in jail for crimes against "bribery" and "negotiations incompatible with the public function".

In that prison, the former Minister of Economy stopped the prisoners who share the prison "Become your family"and that the goal is to prevent the life behind the bars" not to become a calf. " "

"The moment you can not move your hands more of the handcuffs is huge, including the transfer made in a truck attached to the floor, "he said when asked about the most difficult circumstances in his detention.

Finally, Boudou made a defense for Kirchner leaders and former officials who, like him, ended up in jail for complaints involving cases of corruption.

"Whoever doubles is forgiven or has it in stand by, which is broken, "transfer to the host". But those of us who continue to defend what we think and we have loyalty to ideas and the people … that's not forgiven"Boudou said," You could be wrong or mistaken, what was not done was a crime, "he concluded.

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