Friday , December 3 2021

Almost did not speak during the race, but before the defeat, Nacho Saraceni broke and angered, "It was very difficult every time"


It was always handled with low profile and almost never issued an opinion during each gala but this time it was different. Nacho Saraceni, the dancer of Mica Viciconte, he stayed one step from the final, he could not stand on how the jury score was given and he broke Specialists on the show.

"I go with some fights. Today it was very difficult and the truth, it was very difficult in every step to return"said the partner in tears.

"" It was good what you did, you broke it but we will score the second team "", repeated as an example of how he felt the return that night.

Certainly, Saraceni never expressed himself in Mica's fight with the court and preferred to take a secondary place but this time it became tired and it made the feelings mixed with bitter taste.

Lorena Portillo, the couple's coach went on: "A lot of pins, it was not necessary so much. I thought it was an excess." Mica said "I got hooked" and that was the case. Then we stay here, let the children dance and then we go to the phone and are ready".

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