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Alejandra Maglietti said she would have sex with another PH guest

Model Alejandra Maglietti was very funny and stopped playing while pointing at the actor. What did he say?

Each release of PH We can talk begins with "meeting place", a moment where guests show how much they have in common. when Andy Kusnetzoff sHe said who "would have sex with any of the present" Alejandra Maglietti (33) did not go around with laughter: between laughter he stopped pointing Nacho Sureda (30), the actor playing Pantera in El margin.

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As soon as the driver launched the consultation, the panelist from Bendita could not contain her laughter and it was she who was asked first. "I'm embarrassed. With Sureda," he said, smiling as he covered his face and the rest of the guests celebrated. The actor's reaction? He took the chest and when asked, the same question simply asked by pointing to the model. "Alcoyana, alcoyana! Let's leave this, let's close it," he concluded, while the "couple" laughed.

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According to the model, the city announced its separation from Jonás Gutiérrez three months ago, after five years together of coexistence and with marriage plans. "We distinguished ourselves well, without violence or anger. It was good, we have dialogue and it was never bad vibes from both sides," he says in the newspaper Pronto.


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