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Adriana Varela confirmed that she was a couple of Juan Darthés: "The case ended badly"


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December 17, 2018

The Tango interpreter revealed a romance with the actor Thelma Fardín condemned. "I have not recognized it for a while"Said the woman who claimed that he had sung with the artist.

The singer Adriana "The cat"Varela was invited to the "I have to say" program, which leads Luis Novaresio and confirmed that he was a few years ago a couple of the several accused, Juan Darthés.

The release of the last Sunday was linked to the termination of the actress, Thelma Fardín raised in respect of an alleged violation of beau when she was 16 years old. In this context, there were several women who had to do with the Argentinian actress colleges present in the study.

Politics released Thelma Fardin's hand: "No one called me"

In this context, Varela He presented himself as a former couple Darthés He agreed with the actor's complaint when he confirmed that they were together and that the relationship between them "did not end well".

"Have you ever sung with Darthés?"He asked NOVARESIO. "Yes, I sang with him," he replied Varela. The driver, already aware, but as if he did not know anything, deepened: "You were not a girlfriend?"At that moment, the tango singer revealed the relationship:"Yes, I was his partner. I met him twenty years ago. But hello, it definitely ended badly. And I did not see it anymore".

At that time, the reporter would know if "La Gata" had been exposed to a violent relationship Darthés, but the artist preferred to leave the subject and flirtatically dodged the question.

Thelma Fardín: "This is not against men"

"It does not matter It's a story that belongs to me too. There is a link where things are 50% and 50%. That's why I'm not kidding now. There is another case (in relation to Fardin's complaint). Now that I see him, I do not see the same person. It has been a long time. This does not mean he does not remember it. I remember everything that happened. But I was very young. I have not recognized him for a while now. It's not the same person I knew. Not physically. Although there is a characteristic pattern"He finished.

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