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A young woman married but one day before she learned that her boyfriend had a mistress and an unknown daughter – ADNSur

A thread on Twitter quickly went viral for a user-related information about the groom's infidelity by a friend and once again proved that reality exceeds fiction. Everything started when Paula, who calls herself @Pepepilla and is from Argentina, told the story that already reached 70 thousand "I like".

"In my group of friends, moments of excitement, one of them (34) is experiencing marriages with their partners for 7 years and just throwing a bomb in the group: boyfriend has a lover of 3 years and a girl of 9 months. They set the date 7 months ago, "he wrote in his profile.

Lucia, the deceived young woman, would have discovered by chance when she was with the organizer of her wedding, Mariela, and chose the last details. The wedding planner received a voicemail on WhatsApp from one of the girls and without imagining what it contained, it is rendered in front of the upcoming bride.

"Hi Mariela, I wanted to announce that I cannot work tomorrow because my boyfriend is my daughter's father and I just found that I'm a dumbass, a horny or the other, I don't know which title suits me. Don't call me or put me in quilombos, chau, "he wrote.

According to Paula, as soon as Lucia heard the sound, she started crying and cursing. To make catharsis, as in any group, he met with his friends in a house and debated the subject. There they heard something worse.

Lucia's mother and sister, who was also present at the meeting, knew that the man was cheating and they already suspected that he had a daughter. "The mother knew the baby could be the father of a young girl's girl, but she wasn't sure."

A woman who cleaned at home temporarily had told her about it. "I know that boy, he has a baby with my daughter's friend," "I think he is" and more assumptions, "Paula explained.

And he continued: "The bride's sister knew she had another, because her friends warned her" That child went a little girl a while ago, because they were cutting before going on holiday to Brazil "Pueblo Chico, Inferno Grande".

After the unloading between everyone, the boyfriend fell in the meeting and next to Lucia they went to a room to talk about the subject. He swore that the relationship with his lover ended shortly after starting with her, but he admitted that they saw each other a couple of times. On the other hand, he refused to be the girl's father "because he always took care of and the girl is a crazy girl".

In this regard, he motivated himself that the times he was with her were when they had cut for a short while. She wanted to travel to La Pampa and he refused, so they had a strong argument and separated.

To spin ends and understands more, Paula went with other friends to find the mistress, because they got their exact address. When they found her they explained what happened and the woman agreed to talk to Lucia. She had also been deceived.

"Girlfriend asked him when it was the last time they saw each other and the gentleman replied that a little over a month ago they had a discussion about the child and he disappeared," Paula said. After discussing with both in front of all her friends, the night ended and Lucia stayed in sleep in the narrator's house.

The next day, Paula advised her friend to do the party, but didn't get married until he was cold and made decisions. The last data that is known is that no guests interrupted the event, so everyone went to the wedding.

Still, more information is missing about what happened and the narrator did not tell if her friend decided to marry to take advantage of the money she invested in the wedding.

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