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A woman raped a San Pedro official for rape and found hanging – 12/16/2018


The director of the San Pedro Municipal Sport, Luis María Rodríguez, found death in his home in the Villa Igoillo quarter. A few hours before, a woman He had publicly accused him of sexually abusing her, through a video published on social networks.

This Saturday night, Marianela Sánchez wrote on his Facebook account a video in which she says Rodriguez raped her when she was 13 years old and he was his dance teacher.

"There is a whole movement that happens, thank God, to say enough, to report cases of abuse and rape, and I understand the minor that I have heard and I see that they are encouraging to speak because it is very difficult. In my case I have two people to report: one is my brother. The other is who was my dance teacher, Luis María Rodríguez"Says the woman through tears.

Rodriguez, 45, was a well-known character in San Pedro for his career as folk dance dancer. In June of this year, he had taken his position at the head of the municipality's sports directorate that governs the native Cecilio Salazar from the Cambiemos alliance.

The dancer He found hanging at home around at. 30 on this Sunday, about two hours after Sanchez's video was uploaded to the social network, according to the Lanoticia1 website. Rodriguez was the father of two children and expected another from his current partner.

The body was transferred to morning for autopsy, though preliminary skills confirmed suicide. Until Sunday evening it was unknown if he left a message.

On Saturday at noon, the municipality had launched an advertising campaign on its official Facebook page called victims of genocide to visit the women's commission in the city. After knowing the fact, the municipality decided two days of sadness.

"He is a very famous person in San Pedro and I'm sure that, like me, there must be other victims," ​​said Sánchez in the video after explaining that the public termination of actor Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthes had encouraged her to tell her case.

The incident took place in a series of allegations of gender discrimination against politicians, including Jorge Romero, Buenos Aires senator of La Cámpora, radical national senator Juan Carlos Marino and his chief artist Pedro Fiorda and Juan Carlos Amarilla, an adviser to PRO Alfredo Olmedo's national deputy.

Over a month ago, Theater Director Omar Pacheco was hanging out in his theater room two days after being reported on the Internet by a group of women who accused him of having sexually abused them when they were his students.

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