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A surprise swear by the court among criticism, press and cacerolazos – 05/16/2019

In the last 48 hours, Supreme Court He was the protagonist of two surprise events which had a full impact on the political agenda. The first occurred last Tuesday night, outside the court case, when a two-line resolution was known which called for "urgent" to TOF2 to send him the way he would judge former president Cristina Kirchner.

The move was directed to disable the start of the oral trial that would begin on Tuesday 21st and where the former president will sit for the first time on the accused's bench Lázaro Báez, Julio De Vido and Carlos Santiago Kirchner, including former government officials from his government. And even from certain parts of the court, they were urged and talked about a new doctrine to analyze certain files that would have consequences for justice. They referred to the few antecedents where the Supreme Court had decided to intervene before a judgment was taken, which it was prepared to do in public work K.

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The second surprise event occurred this Thursday morning when through a press release The court sought clarification that nothing she did was to guarantee the former president's impunity and confirmed it just copy the file and will return it in time and form so that everything continues its course.

What happened in the middle for the Supreme Court to swap so fast? All.

The government went out to tie the court's decision with the search for impunity. President Mauricio Macri himself, his chief of staff, Marcos Peña and Minister of Justice Germán Garavano referred to controversial judgment. Even Carrio went ahead and talked about a pact between Ricardo Lorenzetti's one of his foremost enemies – with Kirchnerism so that there is no justice. It was also criticism from the non-Kirchner opposition who saw a political move behind the court's decision.

But things also happened in the court in the last 48 hours with maximum voltage. The decision to request the file to TOF2 had the positive votes of the so-called peronist majority who integrate Horacio Rosatti, Ricardo Lorenzetti and Juan Carlos Maqueda, and the addition of Helena Highton Carlos Rosenkrantz abstained because he felt that the court would not intervene until it There is no meaning.

Criticism from politics added cacerolazo which on Wednesday evening felt in some neighborhoods To reject the court's judgment, it generated some short-circuiting within the court. Nor has the version of an alleged visit by Alberto Fernández, Cristina's principal operator, helped some of the judges of the court in the days leading up to the resolution. No one in the Supreme Court wanted to get stuck now, to the idea of ​​impunity.

This Thursday morning, Lorenzetti, Rosatti, Maqueda and Highton they had informal contacts to evaluate media impact and social anger. Some commented that after cacerolazos began talking about a rehearsal march that would get them in the middle of the stage.

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There was another sign that the court took to complete the form of swerve. TOF2, which must judge Cristina, delayed the transmission of the file and began sending signals as they They were not willing to be held responsible for holding back the trial. They did not want to pay the costs of a controversial action. At the court, they also began to assess that the scenario that was opened put them as those responsible for having benefited Cristinawho for some time tried to avoid the photograph sitting on the accused's bench at the beginning of the election campaign.

The 10-point statement where the court went to explain that the request for Roads to TOF 2 "does not cease the oral procedure pending" also revealed the internal and differences that grow within the Supreme Court. Rosenkrantz, President of the Court, did not participate in the drafting. He found out everything when it was already published in the Judicial Information Center.

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