Friday , October 7 2022

A few awards with cheap tonik | Martín Fierro de …


Argentine radio yesterday had its annual celebration. In line with the country's situation, and the environment in particular, the award of Martin Fierro prices was low, not only in its deployment but also in the sharpness of the winners figures. This time, it was neither the controversial nor the discursive cross as it did in the previous year, but rather the loving encounter between the workers in a medium affected by the economic crisis that affects the various stations. Andy Kusnetzoff, the animator of street Dogs At Radio Metro he was the big winner at night when he won Martín Fierro de Oro and as the best driver. Cacho Fontana and Pinky received a warm tribute to their careers, which was the most emotional moment of an evening, with few exceptions, having a more discreet party than a space for debate. The radio crisis and its workers were the protagonist.

"It's been 16 years since all these people started with me Perros de la calle, and here we are 16 years later, every day, vacation, vacation, never stopped working street Dogs. I think it's a recognition of it. To all radio workers who are there every day. Hopefully next year we can meet at this party and we are better, there are fewer figures about lack of work and more surprises for how much media is being opened and employed. Radio is all, it's our life". Words from an exultant Kusnetzoff, golden gaucho in his hand, surrounded by his entire team, ended a ceremony where the members of Aptra took the time to leave prices for almost all stations. Radio Miter, with six, was the most widely assigned radio, although the five Metro statuettes were re-evaluated for taking the gold. The network got five statues, Radio con vos cuatro, while La 100 and Continental won two.

AM 750 took a Martin Fierro for Behind what we see, which was chosen as the best bicycle of public interest in the AM. "I want to award the 3500 colleagues who have lost jobs in both public and private media because this government not only empties its pockets but has emptied the word," said Bernarda Llorente when she received the statue. He also thanked all who make 750 , "who managed to make a small radio a reference in information, debate and diversity." "We who make this program are not independent, we depend on our subjectivity, to see the world, to see things from our point of view," Villarruel had previously stressed.

As expected, protests and complaints were also part of the ceremony broadcast by Net TV. "The context is not that big party," says Silvina Brandimarte, best foreign chronicle of the past year. "I wish," he added, "it's better for so many radios." I accept the challenge of reformulating our work, but there are very good radio stations in Argentina, so that radios, Radio El Mundo and the Rivadavia radio, like mine, do not disappear. The network that I carry in my heart lasts for a long time radio, journalist radio and once again the work of craft journalists face to face, beyond the network. "The winning announcements by Martín Fierro, Veronica Castañares and Ricardo Guazzardi also referred to the critical situation of some radio stations due to business management, such as Del Plata and Rivadavia.

The most emotional moment of the night was the common tribute that Aptra made to Lidia Satragno and Cacho Fontana, presented by the great Hector Larrea, who once again showed why he is the best among the best. "We lack a lot of listeners, they do not know how difficult it is to get away from this medium, which was so generous with us today, I say goodbye to my audience, to say thank you is something so vulgar, but that's the truth" confirmed Fontana. Larrea asked Pinky if she wanted to say a word. "How can I not talk about radio and television are the only places I've never been afraid of?" The driver retorted and earned the biggest ovation at night.

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