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6 unmissable anecdotes from the final stage of Carlos Bilardo as technical director of students

Geleri, Geleri, In what selection do you want to play, tell me which choice?

– What you heard, in what selection do you want to play?

– And why do you have the Brazilian flag? It can't be. From Argentina or from Brazil?

But Carlos, they're so, ojotor, that's the brand

-You must choose, you have to choose, cover it and cover it

Geleri (which is nothing but Marcos Angeleri) found his way when he walked through Balneario 12, at the height of Estudiantes past, in the summer of 2004. A Carlos Bilardo killed in sunscreen (to the point the players, by low-baptizing him as the "joker") blamed the defender, one of his protesters in his leadership, the lack of connection to his homeland's homeland. Retired, Angeleri retired to the locker rooms on the site and returned the beach with a piece of tape covering the Brazilian flag that adorns the flip-flops in the famous brand.

It was there in 2003 when the average began to disturb Students in La Plata, his students, when Carlos Salvador Bilardo, prodded by the community of Pincharrata, could not refuse fate. "Wine came lean Poletti, they called me Little witch Verón from England and Martín Palermo from Spain ", already revealed with the diver. To 64 years old, admitted for the fourth time as an advisor to the plateau club as he knew how to capture the title in the metropolitan area of ​​1982, which catapulted him to the national team. It was the last leg of it Doctor in the substitute bench, beyond which he continued to be associated with football as head of the national team and journalist, as well as watering in other activities, such as politics and actors.

True to his style, reinforced by the years and his obsessions, Bilardo spilled ideas and fools with his postage stamp, but also fulfilled the goal of leaving Estudiantes in First and leaving a base with several young people who in 2006 would end up in masters in First led by Diego Simeone as coach. Players like Marcelo Carrusca, Marcos Gelabert, José Sosa or Mariano Pavone went through their hands. And they enjoyed (and suffered) their particular methods. On the day off No. 81 of Doctor, some unauthorized anecdotes from his last stage as technical director.

A premise based on Australia

The football players in Estudiantes came down from the bus with caution and observed the scenario with some unbelief. Campus reached Mar del Plata for preseason and in front of them was the Hotel Varna, two stars, two floors, 21 rooms. Humble, but cozy. There they would log in for the basic work for the return to the competition.

"We are good, a little tight, but good", Bilardo assured the media that made the coverage in Punta Mogotes more accustomed to the comfort surrounding the elite clubs in their travels. Several TVs that confirmed the presumption were down from the microphone: the rooms had no TV; Yes, the lobby had a 29 inch front of a generous armchair, to share the moments with leisure. On the one hand, a classic Siam refrigerator offered a vintage detail.

The first impression helped the players to get used to it. Many times they even moved to the place where they were educated, in the port of La Feliz. The microwave frolicked at the door of the hotel. And if any unsuspecting person came into the cottage at night, at the lobby counter, instead of an employee, he would find Bilardo with the phone and moved to his radio program with the same nature as he did from the radio. study. The whole day was dedicated to the squad and its preparation. If any journalist wanted a development interview with CONKI had to write it … at dawn. An authentic Carlos Salvador. Take it or leave it.


The anecdote belongs Gonzalo Klusener and told it in Domestic voice. "When we returned from Mar del Plata, Bilardo was desperate and asked for strikers and they were not taken in. One Thursday after a double shift where we stopped" shot ", he told me:Russian, today at 10:30 pm, already dined, they must be here with Eloy (Colombano) and (Dante) Beds & # 39 ;. So, as 19, after training, we went to a pension and at 22.20 we were withdrawn to court. We wondered what this would come from (by Bilardo). We arrived at the concentration door and fell for a while in a couple of cars Bilardo, Brown, Lemme and the physical trainer, "he presented the story.

"Come on in. We'll watch the game between River and Racing on TV," he told us. That day he played cat (Gastón) Fernández, who had gone from the river to Racing, and made a goal. In the first half we noticed the strikers' movements and when the half-time came, we told us that we would change the locker room. We understood nothing when we arrived it was the clothes, with the booties down. & # 39; Booties? & # 39 ;, We asked prop. "Yes that Doctor asked to stay, "he replied. We switched and went back to the office." Sit down. We see the second half of the year and then we will train, says Bilardo. We looked with the guys and we thought he was crazy. At midnight there was no enlightened court to train. He took us to a tip of the country where you could barely see, we get warm and then he stopped Lemme, Brown and the teacher in a line of three to show us how we had to move and get around a defense with that disposition. It was at noon at night! We were there an hour and there, and he taught us how to raise the ball to the defenders at the knees, not from the sides, to overcome them and to commit a punishment. Bilardo is so. One character, "he concluded.


The authentic decadents, Bersuit Vergarabat, The Fly, Band XXI. Bilardo handled the tactical exercises and also the DJ's tray, multifaceted. In the students, Carlos Salvador patented "training marathons". Exercises lasting between seven and eleven hours, some more numerous and others smaller; with more specific or general works. And in the background, the music, happy, motivational, with a playlist chosen by an expert dancer who even showed his kindness in the carnival.

"The music is breaking the monotonous in the country and motivating the players a bit", noted about their own method. The most extensive of his marathons began at 9 o'clock in the morning and ended after the 20. Every footballer went through 10 attempts throughout this early day. "You can't get tired because you do what you want", claimed CONK, lower the line to his squad.


February 2004. Estudiantes lost 4-1 to Independiente in their stadium 1 and 57. For Bilardo, a coach who in his sacred celebration for the title in Mexico 86 did not celebrate for the goals that led in the final against Germany, the defeat represented a deep knit, impossible to heal. So much emotional charge, such a self-critical level, drove him to make a famous statement.

"I am blamed for defeat. What's more: If he was the club's president, he called me and said, "Go away". If there are four goals that cannot do you, and if everything goes wrong then the fault with the trainer is, which in this case I am. If I were the president, I miss, "he released before the laugh contained sincericidio.

"When we have a corner because they can't make a goal, it's something that has never happened to me, a goal, yes, go and go, but four …" continued autoflalling. Bilardo was not self-determination, but a penalty was applied: he locked himself in the City Bell country to "not waste time on travel". There it looked peaceful to him, the dark courts went after presenting their radio program by phone and looking for solutions at dawn before the onset of sleep

"It's a luggage and they will continue to make four goals because he lives with the board. It can be closed for 10 years and it will always do the same, "he criticized without mercy Hugo Orlando Gatti. But, logically, he didn't touch an inch of his thinking. And he prepared an outstanding media show to answer and elaborate the anecdote that marks his final step in the technical direction.

The scene that was already known, in Monumental

In the meeting place of the monumental stadium, before the meeting between the river and the students, Carlos Bilardo reveals a bottle, apparently champagne. It is served in an elegant glass, which is offered before the camera, a pinch is taken. "I'll have fun with the court. Student errors will be corrected with improvisation, he says after the match, which clarified that the establishment worked as a response to the criticism of Hugo Orlando Gatti, an archer who was used to Menotti's election in the national team, but with it Doctor He stopped having opportunities.

But the show industry does not have the same scientific rigor as the board. And the strategy caused some justice problems. At half time, after observing the champagne scene, Prosecutor of Instruction No 11, Claudio Barcia, intervened, understanding that the bottle contained an alcoholic beverage, prohibited in a place where a sports game is developed.

That's where Bilardo stated the already mythical phrase: "You have no alcoholic drink, you have it Gatorei. Miss was wrong, tell him, Mr Bilardo says he has Gatorei. There is no alcoholic beverage. You have to go and try it. "Hector Baldassi, the referee of the match, tried to calm him, though CONK I was already at full temperature.

While his team filled energy in the locker room, Bilardo kept his guard high on the side of the field and tried to explain that for his injury he used only isotonic drink. "I would deliver the bottle with a seal, because I do not know if they will not put anything insideo. I have to find a chemical expert because they open the bottle in three days. They will find Gatorei with water I have 50 years of football and they think I should bring alcohol to the court, "he continued indignantly, as he fought with government, police and anyone approaching him.

Ryset did not take him out of the game: in the midst of chewing he decided for a change and made Mariano Pavone in for Rafael Maceratesi. Nothing could do to turn the result: River beat Estudiantes 3-0, with goals from Fernando Cavenaghi -2- and Marcelo Salas.

The last veneer didn't make Bilardo change the irony. He promised, before the media, to reveal another champagne in the concentration. Although he knows the impact of defeat in his mind, he has barely taken the cork in a bottle.

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