Saturday , May 28 2022

WWE news: What Hulk Hogan should do to compensate for racist scandal – Mark Henry | WWE | Sports


Hogan was released from WWE and released by Hall of Fame three years ago after photography from 2007 and WWE Hall of Famer repeatedly showed the help of the n-word.

Hulkster expressed his regret and was recently reinstated in the company, but colleague Hall of Famer Henry believes that the 12-time world champion needs to do more to build confidence in the WWE Universe.

The world's strongest man suggested that the ex-WWE champion visit the black university to talk to the students and take care of their actions.

Henry was touched when his statement told him he found God but he still expects Hogan to talk about his controversial comments.

The two-time world champion told us Heavy: "I would not roll out the red carpet and start having dinner with him if he was not willing to do all I said he needed to do.

"Initially, he has to go to some of these black universities, to these lawyers and let them grill him and owe it and apologize.

"Not because you got stuck, but sorry for your honest speech.

"He said he found God and he touched my heart when he said it because I know what God should do, so if God touched him, God also says to speak up and when you reveal your past, you can continue the future and I still do not think he still completely revealed it. "

Hogan made his first WWE look at Crown Jewel earlier this month in Saudi Arabia, where he was named the special guest's host.

The WCW legend did not address any of the controversies regarding his departure from the company in 2015 but instead his fans greeted.

He said, "Let me tell you something brother.

"You know something crazy? It feels so good to be out here for the entire WWE Universe and to be out with my whole Hulkamaniac brother.

"But you know what's better, because when I climbed on the big jumbo 747 jets, half flew all over the world and landed here, I discovered that the power of Hulkamanias and my Hulkamaniac's power was stronger than ever at the Crown Jewel jacket.

"It's fun to see you, it's great to be back here in WWE.

"It's amazing to be your host tonight and guess what crazy ones …

"The show starts right now.

"What should it do when the Hulkamania and the power of the crown jewel go wild against you brother?"

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