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Tesla's intensive work culture is a perfect fit for the industry's most driven workers


Tesla, just like SpaceX, works according to the Silicon Valley principles. While allowing Tesla to develop faster than traditional car manufacturers, such a system also requires employees to continuously dig deep into achieving goals. When SpaceX began, the recruitment height was simple – it was the "special forces" in the space industry – and it was this pitch that attracted talent that is hungry and motivated to help the company achieve its milestones over the years.

The same applies to Tesla. The electric car manufacturer has been in existence for 15 years – a short period of time considering the pedigree of rival car manufacturers – but the company has already established itself as a leader in premium electric cars. Such growth and progress did not come easy, with Elon Musk openly admitting to technical journalist Kara Swisher at a section of Recode Decode Podcasts as milestones as Model 3 production disaster were only possible due to "worrying effort" and "hundred hours of working week by all."

Such an intensive work culture has attracted many senses. Critics have accused the company of overworking their employees, as reflected in several critical exposures published about Tesla's activities this year alone. One of the managers who left Tesla, former chief accountant David Morton, also quoted the company's work rate as one of the reasons for his departure. With its intense work culture, ambitious goals and frenetic pace, Tesla's work environment is definitely not for everyone.

Tesla employees all go out in the last days of the third quarter. [Credit: Christopher Wong/Twitter]

As revealed by Handshake data, it is an application for student career services, but it is precisely this type of intensity that makes Tesla attractive to young, driven applicants. Handslag noted that Telsa received more jobs and practical applications than any other company listed on the app in the academic year 2016-2017. Last year, Tesla collected almost 500,000 applications, which is about twice as much as it was received in 2016. In a statement to Wall Street Journal, Cindy Nicola, Vice President of Global Recruitment at Tesla, noted that the company had already received more applications to date this year than it did in 2017.

"Our interest from candidates continues to grow year by year," she said.

Part of Tesla's attractiveness among young job seekers is the company's mission – to speed up the transition to sustainable energy – like the passion of CEO Elon Musk, a leading leader who is known to work long hours with his employees when needed. Kiran Karunakaran, who worked as an engineer at Tesla before moving to Seattle, noted WSJ that before he was employed by the electric car company, he got a job appealing from Apple. The iPhone manufacturer's offer of $ 115,000 a year was superior to Tesla's 95,000-year offer, but according to the engineer, the decision for him was nonexistent.

"What really attracts young people to Tesla is immediate satisfaction. You see these incredible things you've been working on will appear, along the way, in a few months," he said.

Tesla's attractiveness among applicants extends well into their internship program. For interns, the company's flat organizational structure offers the opportunity to exercise its ideas and to be heard. Anusha Atluri, a student from Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business, who worked as a trainee at Tesla in the summer, experienced this firsthand manual. She worked at Tesla at a time when the company hit Model 3 production and partly through her internship, she came up with an idea that could speed up the electric sedan's lines.

The first Model 3 Performance Dual Motor rolls off the assembly line. [Credit: Elon Musk/Twitter]

The trainee presented her idea in a Powerpoint presentation to her team, and was well received. She initially planned to discuss her proposals with the management next week, but Tesla chose to implement her proposals the next day. By the following week, the line ran more smoothly. "They were like, why not just try it tomorrow?" She said in a statement WSJ.

While the demanding hours and the ambitious goals in Tesla can be exhausting, some workers have found themselves inverted in other companies following a timetable with the electric car manufacturer. An engineer, who chose to be anonymous, noted that she actually left Tesla after receiving a baby. When she was ready to return to the labor force, she received an offer from a large-tech company. Eventually, however, she did not feel well. It did not take long before the engineer decided to return to Tesla's high-intensity environment.

"It's not just about working less. Everyone should have more work than they can complete all the time. It forces the person to draw the line when they give up – when they say I'm done for the day. At Tesla you have to get some form of comfort with not doing everything, she says.

Elon Musk has noted that Tesla probably has the most exciting product card on the market today. With exciting new electric cars and energy products in the pipeline, the company is forced to grow and expand its staff further. The company is likely to require long hours and ambitious goals for its employees in the coming years. Nevertheless, the company would probably continue to attract the most driven individuals that the talented pole has to offer – individuals who, like Elon Musk, enjoy the face of pressure.

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