Tuesday , June 22 2021

SA boxing champion defends Lerena in doping storm

Cape Town – Top South African boxing promoter Rodney Berman have hoped for the defense of boxers Kevin Lerena who has been accused of doping.

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Society (VADA) – an organization working with the World Boxing Council on the Clean Boxing Program – once again reported a positive test from Lerena last month.

WBC tweeted the news, with little detail, on Wednesday.

Lerena has since come to defend himself and deny the charges and appears to have support in the form of Berman, who defended the current IBO World Cruiserweight champion with a strong worded message to VADA.

"However, the biggest disturbance is that without giving Lerena the advantage of an explanatory statement, you have unintentionally and unfairly made your results publicly, which can only harm Mr Lerena's good name and reputation," Berman was quoted as saying on Golden Glove's website in a letter to VADA President Margaret Goodman.

"Under these circumstances, a public apology would be appropriate with the same exposure and in the same media as your report was published.

Berman also included a letter from Dr. Harry Papagapiou, Lerena's orthopedic surgeon, describing his extensive post-operative post-operative medication.

"The reality is that Kevin is not in training. What would he dope for?" As a layman, it's obviously a mistake – maybe he should not have done – but a mistake anyway. He does not deserve to have his career tarnished in this way , "added Berman.

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